Fako North Presbytery Finance Workshop

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The Fako North Presbytery under its Chief Shepherd the Rev. Foncham Ezekiel has held its Presbytery Finance workshop bringing together its Pastors, Congregational Chairpersons, Finance Secretaries and Treasurers at the Presbyterian Church Great Soppo Buea today Friday 23rd October 2020.


After breakfast, the meeting started at about 9:30 am with meditation by the Rev. Mejang Ebong Ngolle Epse Bisong who drew her inspiration from Ephesians 4:25-32 under the theme, “Live as Christians.” She posed some salient questions:

  • As Christians are we still living lives characterized by deceit, lying, and falsehood?
  • How many times have you allowed your anger to get the best of you thereby leading you to further sins?
  • How many times have you stolen from God by misusing your lives; bodies which are his and also stealing money from congregational coffers?
  • Is your conversation about others characterized0 by negativity and criticisms or do most often build up and encourage?
  • How many times have we grieved the Holy Spirit with our bitterness, rage, brawling, slander, and malice?
  • When last did you take into consideration those in need and thought of sharing with them?



The Presbyterial Secretary then presented the agenda of the day. The participants were greeted by the congregational chairperson for PC Soppo, Elder Christian Owowo who doubles as Presbytery Finance Committee chairperson.

New staff into the Presbytery, together with the Presbytery Exco were introduced to the assembly after which was general roll call. Elder Anna Mujong was acknowledged as secretary to the workshop.

The Presbytery Chairperson Elder Dr. Wotany Regina welcomed all who answered present to the workshop and stressed the importance of effective management of finances in the spread of the Gospel. She prayed thatFako North could regain it’s second position why not first, which it enjoyed within the rating of finances in the PCC before the crisis and has fallen to the 5th due to the crises rocking the Presbytery.

The Presbyterial Secretary in his Keynote address reminded Presbyters on the crucial nature of the meeting. He was guided by Paul’s words in Eph 2:10 where God calls his followers to be his workmanship created in Jesus Christ to do good works in advance. Using the analogy of the pain that the harmer and nail go through to produce a good piece of furniture, so too the presbyters must go through pain and suffering in order to produce good works for God.

He quoted the PCC Moderator Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba during the Budget 2020 who called on Presbyters to “turn disadvantages into advantages” and transformed scars into stars within this period. Financial accountability at all levels is a tool in God’s hand as stressed by the man of God. He raised the question; “How do we raise the budgets of the church at various levels?” He rejected the thought of any Christian trying to pilfer or steal God’s money which brings curses on themselves.

The two main facilitators for the day were then introduced, the Presbyterial Treasurer, Rev. Lifongo Paul Ekema and Senior Church accounting staff Miss Khan Vera took the rostrum to educate how financial dealings in the congregation are handled and recorded.

Miss Khan Vera also talked about the importance of budgeting to the financing of the work of the congregation. She stressed that a budget is a tool to measure performance and guide expenditure as to income.

The Rev. LifongoPaul talk on the various incomes of the Presbytery, Presbytery, and Central Church.

Within this meeting, some PCC stakeholders were given the chance to present the services they offer in the likes of the managers of PresMicro Finance–Mr. Malafa JosephPresInsurance – Rev. Enow Michael Agbor, Presbyterian Free Mind Youth Counseling centreMolyko– Miss Mbah Rita, and the PCC Health Services (BepandaDouala Health Complex on the HPV virus)


After the deliberations, the Presbyterial Secretary gave some announcements, and the Presbytery Chairperson gave the closing remarks, thanking the facilitators and participants for their cooperation which led to the attainment of stipulated objectives of the workshop as presented in the agenda of the day. The meeting rose at about 2:45 pm after lunch was served.

Story and pictures by #Rev. Numfor Godwin(PCC Webmaster)


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