Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba, Moderator PCC visits the PCC Central Pharmacy to encourage staff as they produce hand sanitizers to combat COVID19 Coronavirus


The moderator of the PCC the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba has paid a working visit this night of Saturday 21st March 2020 by 7:30 pm at the Presbyterian Central Pharmacy Limbe to encourage staff of this facility who have been spending sleepless nights to help the Cameroon government in the combat against the COVID 19 Coronavirus by the production of hand sanitizers. The Moderator was accompanied by the Financial Secretary Mr. Ngole Ndive Mosuka Mbuayo. The proprietor met the PCC Chief Pharmacist Dr. Nyaah Fidelis and his team at work in the production of the hand sanitizers, which has maintained a standard yet to be beaten by any other producer in Cameroon. as rated by NGOs, the government and other consumers. The Moderator encouraged and motivated the staff not to relent their efforts in contributing to eradicate the Covid19 Coronavirus, a relentless fight the church has embraced. The public is informed that they order the PCC produced hand sanitizers through the PCC Chief Pharmacist Dr. Nyaah Fidelis @ +237696281559.

Pictures courtesy: PCC Webmaster

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School Fee Support to IDPS and Orphans in Presbyterian School Tombel – Bakossi South Presbytery: Partnership with Uberlingen Germany

The internally displaced children and orphans, and Teachers of the Presbyterian School Tombel in the Bakossi South Presbytery have benefitted from the donation of school fees and token support from the fruits of the partnership between the PCC in the Bakossi North and South presbyteries and the Uberlingen partners in Germany. A total number of 50 kids and 10 teachers were reached out to with the sum of 10,000 FCFA each. This event was overseen by the Presbyterial Secretary the Rev. Eyakwe Joseph Nangunda. A similar gesture will take place in Bakossi North presbytery in the days ahead under the Rev. Dr. Ebong Emmanuel Masango. May God continue to use the Church to reach out to the less privileged.

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The international Ecumenical Forum Partners pledge to accompany the Cameroonian Religious leaders in their home initiated solutions for sustainable peace.

A meeting of Religious Leaders of Cameroon with members from World Council of Churches, World Communion of Reformed Churches, All Africa Conference of Churches, Mission 21 German Branch and PC-USA, to seek ways to assist the government of the Republic of Cameroon find just, peaceful and lasting solutions to the crises and armed conflict ravaging the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. This meeting was convened by Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel at PC Bonamoussadi-Douala on 16th March 2020. The international Ecumenical Forum Partners pledge to accompany the Cameroonian Religious leaders in their home initiated solutions for sustainable peace.

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Moderator’s Communique to the PCC on measures to take within the period of the Covid 19 Corona Virus

Office of the MODERATOR

P.O. Box 19
South West Region,
Republic of Cameroon.
Tel +237 233322487

March 18, 2020

To all Congregations,                                                                                                                                                                      
To all Christians,
To all Institutions
Dear brothers and sisters,


Grace and peace from the Lord our healer whose comfort is found in scripture and of his Son Jesus Christ, the great physician by whose stripes we are healed and from the Holy Spirit, who strengthens us within to rest in the heavenly peace of the Father. Our hope is in the Lord who says, “..I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you” (Ex. 15:26).

The Corona Virus (Covid 19) is another example of how helpless and finite we are as human beings. The onslaught of this pandemic exposes the limitation of human sciences and technology. We have to Wake Up and look up to God We have to Watch and Pray for God to intervene. Therefore, let us look up to God, the ultimate source of our existence. Let us amend our lifestyles, purify our hearts-the place of true healing, love and care for one another as a collective effort in times of crisis.

The physical measures put in place by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of Cameroon could be part of God’s general plan to heal his people. In this light, let us follow them comprehensively but NEVER COMPROMISING THE WORSHIP OF GOD, THE ESSENCE OF FAITH AND THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH. Worship is divine, faith is a mystery and Christian life has eternal values that assist our physical being

Let us take note of the following:
1. Worship God in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs at home, in small groups and in the church. Let the number of worshippers never go above 50 persons at a time. During such gatherings, observe all practical hygienic and medical precautions such as avoiding handshakes, place hand sanitizers at all worship places etc.

2. Worship God in prayers, meditations and intercession using God-given modern-technology such as: video live streaming, social, print and other traditional media.
Weekly fellowships and Choir practices should be reorganized at home and in the church compound. Make sure that not more than 50 people are found in the church premises at the same.

3. Doctrine classes, retreats, and other devotional services should be restructured. Weddings are suspended. No wake-keep with a corpse in the church house.

4. Sessions, projects, finance and other organizational planning meetings be restructured in a way that not more than 50 persons are in the church compound at the same time

5. Rallies and come-togethers are suspended indefinitely.

6. Medical institutions should continue medical operations strictly following medical precautions. They should provide hand sanitizers, face mask and others. Eventual cases of Covid 19 symptoms should be handled and handed discretely to treatment centres without much alarm as it may have an overall effect on the medical operations.

7. All schools are closed until further notice.

8. Workers of our institutions should continue work as long as such workplaces do not bring more than 50 persons together at once.

9. Inactivity means little or no expenditure. Stop any new and huge expenses while we observe the trends of financial flow.

10. Wake Up; Watch Out and Pray continually (2 Thess. 5: 16-18; Psalm 91)!

11. WHO prescribed health precautions include:
• Avoid handshakes
• Wash hand frequently / apply hand sanitizers
• Don’t touch your face
• Stay home and stay home if you are feeling sick
• Cover your mouth when sneezing
• Wear face mask

Finally, brethren,
“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 8: 38-39).

Yours for the Sake of the Faith

Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba

CC:- The synod Clerk, PCC
The Financial Secretary, PCC
The Secretary, Committee of the Ministry, PCC
All Exco Members
The Communication Secretary, PCC

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