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Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba, Moderator PCC visits the PCC Central Pharmacy to encourage staff as they produce hand sanitizers to combat COVID19 Coronavirus

#ModeratorVisitsPCCCentralPharmacyLimbe #Saturday21stMarch2020 #HandSanitizers The moderator of the PCC the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba has paid a working visit this night of Saturday 21st March 2020 by 7:30 pm at the Presbyterian Central Pharmacy Limbe to encourage...

School Fee Support to IDPS and Orphans in Presbyterian School Tombel – Bakossi South Presbytery: Partnership with Uberlingen Germany

The internally displaced children and orphans, and Teachers of the Presbyterian School Tombel in the Bakossi South Presbytery have benefitted from the donation of school fees and token support from the fruits of the partnership between the PCC in the Bakossi North and...

The international Ecumenical Forum Partners pledge to accompany the Cameroonian Religious leaders in their home initiated solutions for sustainable peace.

A meeting of Religious Leaders of Cameroon with members from World Council of Churches, World Communion of Reformed Churches, All Africa Conference of Churches, Mission 21 German Branch and PC-USA, to seek ways to assist the government of the Republic of Cameroon find...

Thanksgiving of the Moderator and the Induction of the Synod Clerk on Sunday 15th March 2020 @ PCSS Buea Esplanade

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Moderator’s Communique to the PCC on measures to take within the period of the Covid 19 Corona Virus

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN CAMEROON Office of the MODERATOR P.O. Box 19 BUEA South West Region, Republic of Cameroon. Tel +237 233322487 e-mail:moderator_office@pcconline.org March 18, 2020 To all Congregations,                                                             ...



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Our Mission

The mission of the PCC, like that of the universal church is to proclaim the Good News of God through Jesus Christ, in word and in action.The proclamation of this Good News includes preaching the word,teaching ,healing and liberating the people of God from sin. (Luke 4: 18-19)

Our Values

The PCC maintains its strength through the word of God by emulating the life of christ as committed christians in truth and service to God. Being thankful to God, as well as promoting peace and justice via its ministries to the society emboddies the work and values of the PCC.( Jer 29: 11)

Our Vision

We stand to transform the society by proclaiming the Good News of God through jesus christ in word and in action. Via our well structured institutions such as churches, prayer cells , health care, Education, and more. (Rom 12 :2)

Partner With Us 

Become a partner in our quest for promoting the word of God via any of our institutions.



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