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The handing over ceremony of the Area Treasurer North West took place at the Area Treasury office at the Commercial Avenue Bamenda on Wednesday 10 July 2024 under the distinguished supervision of the PCC Financial Secretary, personally represented by the Church Treasurer Mme Dorothy Mbuenze Ebah.
Mr. Lema Christopher Bobga, the former acting General Manager of Presbook PLC, takes over the baton of service from Mr. Atoh Martin Fuh, who is going on a well-deserved retirement.
The ceremony which came after an audit exercise led by the PCC Director of Internal Audit – Mr. Ewane Alunge Kang Nnoko was witnessed by the Moderator’s Representative for the NWR, the Presbyterial Secretaries for Mezam, Mezam South, Tubah-Boyo/PCC Webmaster, the National Secretary Women’s Work Department, the Education Secretary,s Representative NWR, PRESMFI Representative NWR, Manager of Schools Mezam, and staff of the Area Treasury.
As Pa Atoh takes up a new farming profession in his own words, the Moderator Rep. NWR prayed for the incoming administrator to have a human face to his exacting services taking up the servant-leader model.
Thank you Pa Atoh for your relentless services to mother PCC and welcome Ba Lema.
Rev. Numfor Godwin
PCC Webmaster.
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