The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba has officially inaugurated the Mezam South Presbytery and inducted its pioneer Presbyterial Secretary the Rev. Uso Theresia Berndzeh on Sunday 24th April 2022 at PC Azire – the presbytery seat.

Mezam South is the youngest presbytery of the 31 presbyteries of the PCC created by the Synod of 2021 carved out of Mezam Presbytery. During the event, the Moderator introduced and dedicated the pioneer Presbytery committee members before going on to induct the Rev. Uso Theresia Berndzeh as the pioneer Presbyterial Secretary and parish pastor for PC Azire. She also is the pioneer female pastor for the Azire congregation.

The Moderator was assisted in the inauguration and induction service by the Synod Clerk – the Rev. Miki Hans Abia, the Secretary Committee of the Ministry – the Rev. Emmanuel B. Masok, the Constitution Secretary – the Rev. Bame Samuel, the National Communication Secretary – Rev. Dr. Perpetua Fonki together with other very high-ranking pastors and pastors of the PCC in their various rights and titles.

The crowd pulling event that left the huge Azire congregation jammed to capacity and overflowing outside was a blend of worshippers from all over the PCC with several religious, traditional and civil authorities in attendance.

It was a highly electrifying worship service with a lot of joy and thanksgiving as the faithful joined the inducted Presbyterial Secretary’s family to raise funds directed towards the Azire multi-purpose hall which is already in construction.

The most colourful part of the service was the dressing of the chief celebrant – the Moderator and Synod Clerk in very beautiful and colourful indigenous ‘Bamenda traditional attire – Togho’. The Moderator was also congratulated by the Fon of Mankon’s emissary for the pivotal role the PCC has played in the development of his fondom.

The Moderator believes Mezam South is “a new baby born with teeth” and under the leadership of its capable Presbyterial Secretary, they will do extraordinary things for the PCC.

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