Finally, the Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School (PCSS) Mfou was the central focus of the PCC on Sunday 30th April 2023 as the Moderator of the PCC – the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba who doubles as the Proprietor of school, dedicated and inaugurated the state-of-the-art citadel of learning of PCSS Mfou found in the East Mungo North Presbytery.

The crowd-pulling event rallied well-meaning Presbyterians, administrative, traditional, religious, and most of all lovers of quality education to this history-making event. The astute and focused prelate preaching from John 16:16-23a titled his piercing gospel “God will turn your Pain into Joy.”

The moderator encouraged all to patronize this jewel with the highest standards compared to the best. He prided this school to be the most affordable denominational institutions. PCSS Mfou the dream child of the Moderator was birth with potential as it has recorded 100% consecutively in both the grammar and commercial examinations since its inception.

The Moderator thanked the session of PC Bastos for providing the land on which this property is now standing. He reminded Presbyterians that this example is one to emulate by all other congregations of the PCC to know that all that exists in the name of the PCC belongs to the PCC and can be used for its growth any time need arises.

The moderator was accompanied by the PCC Synod Clerk – the Rev. Miki Hans Abia, the Financial Secretary – Mr. Ngole Ndive Mbuayo Mosuka, the Secretary Committee of the Ministry – Rev. Emmanuel Masok, the Constitution Secretary – Rev. Bame Samuel, the Moderator’s Representative for the NWR – Rev. Assah Peter, the Presbyterial Secretary for EMN, the Education Secretary – Mola Njie Kale, a college of pastors, Heads of Departments, Staff of the Synod Office and a cream of the PEA family.

Dignitaries present took turns putting on mortar to immortalize the laying of the foundation stone. Awards were also given to a cross-section of those who have contributed to the life of PCSS Mfou in one way or the other. Speeches were presented by important personalities like the Presbytery Chairperson EMN – Yah Viban Gladys, the Divisional delegate for secondary education for Méfou‑et‑Afamba Division, the Traditional authority for Mfou, the Education Secretary, the Principal of the School, etc.

The service was graced by the melodious songs from the School Choir and Holy Trinity Choir of PCC Nsimeyong. And an exceptional traditional dance was presented by the students after service. The National Communication Secretary – The Rev. Dr. Perpetua Fonki headed the communication team which was there to cover the event from every angle.

PCSS Mfou will certainly remain a favourite destination for all who value quality anglo-saxon education.

By Rev. Numfor Godwin

PCC Webmaster





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