It is good to listen to both sides of a story before you conclude. The Moderator was accused for saying horrible things in a free-response last Sunday at PC Bonamoussadi-Douala. The analyst was anonymous but his post has become the measure of judgement.

#The Moderator said that without Bali the PCC can cope financially, thus insinuating that he is only money-minded. Listen to that video and tell me whether the emphasis is on money.

#That the Moderator doesn’t care about the faith of the Christians. The immediate solution when PCC doors are closed is to fellowship with at home or with sister churches and this is what the Moderator insinuated. Truth be told, a visionary Moderator sees mission as global and not denominational. Thus the closure of the PCC in Bali is not the end of mission.

#That the Moderator asked pastors to leave. True, he said so, but for their safety. If Rev. Montoh Simon Voma, a son of the soil with a bullet wound is asked to leave Bali, how much more the other none- Bali native pastors? It is better for the Moderator to be blamed for removing pastors than for someone to be killed. Meanwhile, it is the churches policy to station pastors out of cross-fire while they sneak into minister to the Christians. Relocating pastors is not the same as closing pastoral ministration. Rev. Montoh at a particular time was resident in Bamenda and ministering in Bafut when he was Presbyterial Secretary there.

#That the Moderator is a collaborator to the Government. Listen to this video and say how collaborative the Moderator is to the government. The Moderator re-emphasized the stance of the church. The church conscientizes the various actors. The church calls for warring parties to consider the suffering of the masses. Take a look again, that is what the Moderator was doing. Remember, just as the “Boys” in Bali are pressuring that is how the Government is pressuring the church for being a pro-‘amba’ entity. In such circumstances and the distress emanating from the suffering masses, the Moderator being human should express verbal and non-verbal body language.

What has this Moderator not done to assist the end of this crisis and to alleviate the pain of the masses? The Moderator’s crime is his influence over the nation in this crisis, so both government and amba see him as one who can swing the pendulum. Anything the Moderator says is read in that light.

#Now who is afraid of independent investigations? Who desperately needs premature conclusions and for what gain? Legal findings are different from non-legal evidence. Gun-shooting in the church is a breach of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to worship and the status of a church house as a protected place in times of war. Therefore, a thorough investigation is a necessity; the result would have international implications and possible claims of genocidal perpetrations. So who is afraid of the truth? Who shot the bullet? Who planted a “bomb” where people live? Who detonated the “bomb”?. The innocent do not fear the truth.

My conclusion after watching the video is simple, the Moderator remains a scapegoat of a scheme of plotters against this regime, sad enough they are using the Amba Boys for their game. But as the Moderator emphasized, the Church of God shall not pamper anyone and will not be bullied. Pause!. As a Presbyterian, I am proud of my church, I am living the greatest evolution of the church under the leadership of arguably the most forward-looking and engaging Moderator in Covid, Amba, financial and social media crises. WHERE DID THE MODERATOR GO WRONG?

A true Presbyterian

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