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The week of prayer for Christian unity in Ndop presbytery started on Saturday 18th January at the Fountain Baptist Church Ndop bringing together Christians from the Roman Catholic Church, Baptist Church and the Presbyterian Church.

Under the coordination of the Ndop Presbyterial Secretary, the Rev. Achuranjoh Philip, the following had been assisting in running the program, Rev. Mrs. Che Patience of Mbeukong/Mile 27 Parish, Rev. Konseh Samuel of the CBC, Rev. Tah Martin, CBC, Rev. Mart Ngeh, and the Rev. Fr. Tem Denis of the Roman Catholic Church.

At PC Mbeukong on Thursday 23rd January, the Christians listened to a soul searching sermon from one of the pastors who called on them to assist others in their ministry and life. Here, he called on all to know that it is good to help the needy and bring joy to the downtrodden as well as preaching the word to those who didn’t yet believe the gospel.

The service was spiced with singing, and prayer for the sick, the imprisoned, the refugees and the homeless.

At the end of the service, the Christians went home satisfied and spirit-filled. Saint Peter and John Catholic Church Ndop were chosen to end the week of prayer for Christian unity on Saturday 25th January.

Present during the service at PC Mbeukong Ndop were
Rev. Achuranjoh Philip
Rev. Mrs. Che Patience, host
Rev. Konseh Samuel
Rev. Mart Ngeh
Rev. Tah Martin
Rev. Fr. Tem Denis and
Pst. Forbi Cleopas Che.

The day came to a close with a working session with the church leaders present.


Story and pictures @ Pastor Forbi Clopas Che

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