The East Mungo North Presbytery is delivered of a new #Prayer Cell.

Born on Sunday August 16,2020; by Christians of PC Simbock-Mendong, in the East Mungo North Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, the new born prayer cell has been named: “The #Eloumndem prayer cell.

Over 145 Christians were present in the worship service at Eloumndem, to mark the official opening of the prayer cell.

With inspiration from Psalms 118:24, the parish pastor of PC Simbock-Mendong, the Rev. #Titatang Kingsley, called on the Christians to rejoice and be glad for such a day in their lives; for it is a day the Lord has made, that they may rejoice and be glad in it.

The divine service equally witnessed the Baptism of 15 infants, 6 Confirmations of baptism, and 45 readmissions. The four Movements of the PCC: CYF, CWF, CMF and YP were formed. Also, an elder and a Financial Secretary were put in place, to coordinate and manage the affairs of the prayer cell, with the supervision of PC Simbock-Mendong.

It should be noted that, the Eloumndem prayer cell is the second brain child of PC Simbock- Mendong congregation. They come after Mbangkomo prayer cell. The Eloumndem prayer cell is now the newest and youngest PCC prayer cell, in the East Mungo North Presbytery. The Divine Services will take place every Sunday, from 9am prompt.

Story by Rev. Etake Elsie epse Bisong

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