The Moderator of the PCC – the Rt Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba has ordained 11 pastors out of 25 who make up the #Batch #of #Endurance into the Ministry of Word and Sacraments at PC Bafoussam in West Presbytery on Wednesday 8th December 2021.
The Chief celebrant preaching from Ex. 3:11 called on the ordained and the worshippers not to feel inadequate.
The moderator was assisted in the ordination process by the Rev. Miki Hans Abia – Synod Clerk and the Rev. Ayuk Jones Ebot – Presbyterial Secretary for EMS with the blessing of all the clergy present.
The same event shall be coming up next Wednesday in Limbe where 14 pastors will be ordained at Down Beach Limbe in Fako South Presbytery.
May God bless the ministry of these newly ordained pastors.

@PCC Webmaster

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